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Related article: who watched the proceedings were the Duke of Beaufort, the Marquis of Zetland, Lord Southampton, Lord Orkney, Lord Annaly, Lord Yarborough, Sir Gilbert Greenall, Sir H. H. Langham, Sir William Curtis, Colonel Anstruther Thom- son, Captain Browning, the Rev. Cecil Legard, Colonel Jago, the Hon. Douglas Pennant, Messrs. E. P. Rawnsley, C. W. Wicksted, G. Lane Fox, W. H. Dunn, F. Ames, W. Coryton, Yorke- Scarlett, Selby Lowndes, R. Hill, J. Watson, F. Slingsby, J, Har- greaves, R. Corbet, jun.. Hey wood Lonsdale, Merthyr Guest,* Baker White, Owen Williams, C. M. Prior, E. E. Barclay, Cazenove, Usher, Wilson, Fernie, Seymour, Hulkes, Fullerton, Wharton, Wroughton, Preston and Raw- lence. The three couples class was this year eliminated from the pro- gramme, Meloxicam 7.5 Tablets and, I venture to think, rather happily, for as entries have increased, judging has been pro- longed to an inconveniently late hour, while the pack which won in the two couples class for either dogs or bitches were nearly cer- tain to win in the three couples, unless they had to make up their team with a very inferior couple. Still, with these two classes out of the card the judging lasted some time. Some of the critics thought that the young hounds were wanting in class, and cer- tainly they scarcely seemed up to the standard of some previous years. Meloxicam Buy Mr. Wroughton, as mas- ter of the Pytchley and owner of the Woodland Pytchley, now under the management of Lord Southampton, held a somewhat strong hand, and few would find fault with his Goblin and Merlin, which carried off the first prize for the best couple of unentered 94 BAILY S MAGAZINE. [August hounds. Without being hounds of very great substance they had at least fair bone, which they carried well down. The Oakley couple took the second prize, and when it came to picking out the best hound for the special prize it was found that there were no fewer than three Despots running, coming from the Atherstone, Duke of Beaufort's and the North Cheshire, but the victory rested with the Oakley Guardsman, a very nice hound with plenty of substance and fashion. It was, however, when the entered hounds came into the ring that an im- provement was visible, eight packs competing. The Warwickshire were the winners with Tuscan, Turncoat, Tudor and Ganger. Mr. G. P. Ely Stan Evans, one of the joint masters of the Cam- bridgeshire, and Mr, W. E. Rig- den, judged the doghounds, and after luncheon Mr. E. Lycett Green, Master of the York and Ainsty, and Mr. P. A. W. Carnegy looked after the bitches. The unentered class was a strong one of fourteen, and the Oakley carried off the first prize with Dowager and Hopeful. One of the couples was slightly roach- backed and had sustained some injury to one of her feet, but this was not a bar to her success. The Master of the Southdown showed a wonderfully nice couple, but the one thing against them was their colour, that being very light ; and although in the hill countries. where foxes are followed on foot, these badger pied hounds are pre- ferred as being easy to see at a distance, they are not in favour in more fashionable districts. There were no better necks or shoulders, however, in the show, and they ran close not only the winners, but also the Warwickshire couple, which were placed second. The special prize for the best single hound went to Mr. Fernie's Harm- less, a very promising bitch ; while the best bitch coming from that pack which had not won a first prize since 1895 turned out to be the Atherstone Gleeful, who just beat the Southdown Bonnylass. It was, however, a close thing, and Mr. Straker, Master of the Tynedale, was asked to step over the barrier to give the casting vote. Mr. Fernie scored another success with two couples of entered bitches, three of which were by Bel voir sires. The North Cheshire Rantipole was adjudged to be the best brood bitch, and was also the champion. Taken all round the show was perhaps hardly so good as some of those which have gone before, but no exception can be taken to the two champions Potentate and Rantipole. The Warwickshire bitches appeared to show hardly so much substance as some of the representatives of that kennel seen in years gone by, though of course among the competitors were some excellent hounds of both sexes. W. C. A. B. it I900.J 95 A Queen's Cup Yacht- Race. " There goes the preparative gun, and they have run up the white flag at the club-house to tell us that we have to Buy Meloxicam go the westward course. This means a short beat to begin with, but I daresay we'll fetch round in a couple of tacks. You may try a bit pull at your topsail tack, and see that you have your spinnaker gear all ready for carrjdng it on the star- board side. We have ten minutes yet before they hoist the Blue Peter and give us the * five minutes gun,' and we'll take a stretch outside to see the sort of weather we are going to have and what the others are doing. If we are first round the Lepe, we shall take a lot of catching in the run to the Warner." So speaks the captain of the noted Clyde racing- cutter Clutka, just as we are on the eve of starting for the Queen's Cup at the annual regatta of the Royal Yacht Squadron at Cowes. Since the first starting-gun to open the season was fired at Gravesend, neither skipper nor crew have been idle. From the Thames we have raced to Harwich, and, the Royal Harwich Regatta over, home again to the Nore Light. Round the back of the Goodwin Sands we have thrashed her through a stiff breeze and a jumping sea in the Channel match to Dover, there off the historic chalk cliffs to fight for the Royal Cinque Port trophies. Across the English Channel to Cherbourg at a pace which would have made . the owners of the old-fashioned packet boats think that even the sunken vessels of ancient times